5 Tips for Scheduling your Customers

With phone calls and emails coming through consistently during work hours, organizing your appointments can be difficult. Here are some ways to simplify and manage the process: Go digital A paper notebook can get very messy very quickly considering the amount of cancellations and re-scheduling that can happen in a given day, week or month. …Read more


3 Tips for Choosing the Right Bank for your Business

Choosing the right bank for you and your business is crucial for your financial well-being, and for reaching your long-term goals. However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options available. Here are three tips to help you with your selection: 1. Research and Compare There’s no getting around it – finding a bank …Read more


Top 10 SlideShares for Small Business Owners

LinkedIn has swiftly become an important platform for influencers to distribute their industry insights and best practices. While users can use the social media network more traditionally, to blog for example, they can also create SlideShares. These presentations are not dissimilar to PowerPoints, however, their content is designed to be satisfying to consume: slides are …Read more


Who to Follow: Top 7 Entrepreneurs on Social Media

More and more industry influencers are active on social media. From thoughtful long-form posts on LinkedIn to pithy tweets, a good leader is able to leverage the functionality of a given network to powerfully communicate their expertise. Here’s our list, in no particular order, of follow-worthy entrepreneurs who have mastered the art of social media. …Read more

Entrepreneurial Advice from your Favourite TV Characters

Over the years, we’ve been captivated by our favourite TV characters. Some are heroes, while others are villains. The ones who perhaps intrigue us the most fall somewhere in between: so called anti-heroes. Included in this group are Frank Underwood and Walter White, just to name a few. Awards, high ratings and large viewerships reveal …Read more


7 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should See

Whether it’s a heartwarming tale of overcoming the odds, a thought-provoking biopic, or an inside view into the darker side of business, these movies are sure to inform and entertain. Which films do you think should make the list? 1.       The Wolf of Wall Street This movie is based on the true …Read more


New Minimalism: Update your Shop for 2016

A common New Year’s resolution is to get more organised. This can take many forms, such as organising one’s personal and professional accounts, files, emails and more. Others may focus on getting rid of, or storing, excess inventory. Still others may simply want to decrease miscellaneous clutter. Whatever the goal, learning about minimalism will help …Read more


3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

It’s a new year, which means a fresh start for you and your business. As you head into the first quarter, it’s crucial to understand new industry trends, and build a strategy and corresponding list of action items – resolutions. Here’s a small list of business resolutions we’ve created to help guide you into 2016 …Read more


15 X-mas Business Tips from Experts Across Europe

Will you be adorning your business with festive decorations, or hosting special Christmas promotions? In celebration of the season, we interviewed business owners from around Europe to share their valuable knowledge. Take a look at our favorite 15 quotes: “I am now running two mountain restaurants, both at 3200 m. With a cumulative altitude of …Read more

kaboompics.com_Blank paper with pen and coffee cup on wood table

Top 3 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Colleagues

Organizing a staff gift exchange is a great way to infuse your business with the joy of the season. A traditional approach is to have each employee choose a name from a hat; they are then “Secret Santa” to that co-worker. Adding a spending limit of e.g. £20 will keep the exchange lighthearted and affordable …Read more

Stylist drying hair of a female client at the beauty salon

How to Prepare your Salon for the Christmas Rush

For many people, the Christmas season is an incredibly busy time filled with family dinners, fancy work parties, New Year’s Eve celebrations and much more. People want to look their best for these big occasions, so naturally, beauty parlors and hair salons typically see a rise in bookings during this time. Here are a few …Read more

Fortnum & Mason Holiday Window (London, 2014)

Top 5 Holiday Window Displays

Photo by the Daily Mail. Holiday windows offer an opportunity for businesses to take part in the joy of the season, while strengthening their brand identity and marketing their products as desirable gifts to give. Each year, shops around the world take part and create truly innovative windows, utilizing prop design and lighting. Here is …Read more