Credit Card Machine Holder

The payleven Plus and Classic are ideal credit card machines for small businesses. They enable customers to pay easily and comfortably, and accept a variety of debit and credit cards including: Visa, MasterCard, V Pay, and much more. The payleven card readers both connect wirelessly, meaning they can be used anytime, anywhere. While there is …Read more


How Credit Card Processing Works

By now, accepting card payments has become the norm for businesses across the UK. Merchants use their POS machines easily and intuitively while customers are accustomed to punching in their memorized PIN or tapping their NFC card. While card payments are a simple daily activity, many people still wonder to themselves: actually, what is credit …Read more


What Millennials Want Infographic

As Millennial buying power increases, you might be wondering how to market to this new, tech savvy generation. To help out, we created an infographic for you with facts and figures revealing what Millennials look for in products/services, as well as in overall shopping experience.


7 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should See

Whether it’s a heartwarming tale of overcoming the odds, a thought-provoking biopic, or an inside view into the darker side of business, these movies are sure to inform and entertain. Which films do you think should make the list? 1.       The Wolf of Wall Street This movie is based on the true …Read more

credit card machine cost

Chip and PIN Machine Prices

Accepting card payments has never been more simple and affordable. payleven offers competitive, sliding scale transaction fees as low as 1.50%. Additionally, the chip and PIN machine price is a one-off payment of only £59. Our flexible pricing model is made for you: you’re only charged for the transactions you make and the more you use payleven, the less …Read more


Flexi-Pricing Launches in Ireland

Irish businesses can now benefit from our pay as you go pricing model, where the more you use payleven, the less you pay. Sliding scale transaction fees start at 2,75% and drop as low as 1,50%. Simply consult the graphic below to see where your company lands within the model. We have a policy of honesty and …Read more


New Minimalism: Update your Shop for 2016

A common New Year’s resolution is to get more organised. This can take many forms, such as organising one’s personal and professional accounts, files, emails and more. Others may focus on getting rid of, or storing, excess inventory. Still others may simply want to decrease miscellaneous clutter. Whatever the goal, learning about minimalism will help …Read more


Chip and PIN Card Reader for iPhone

According to The Telegraph, “Apple’s share of the UK smartphone market has reached an all-time high thanks to strong sales of the iPhone 6. iPhones now account for 39.5 per cent of British smartphone sales, the Californian company’s highest ever UK market share, a rise of 10.4 per cent during the three months to October …Read more


New Hue Infographic

Attract sales using the power of colour. Do you know which colour scheme is best suited to your business? Consult our infographic and find out.


3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

It’s a new year, which means a fresh start for you and your business. As you head into the first quarter, it’s crucial to understand new industry trends, and build a strategy and corresponding list of action items – resolutions. Here’s a small list of business resolutions we’ve created to help guide you into 2016 …Read more


Best Chip and PIN Card Reader

Credit card machines for small business – it’s a topic that’s been receiving an increasing amount of attention, creating more visibility around FinTech companies and their products and services. With all the options available, business owners around the globe are asking themselves which is the best chip and PIN card reader for their company. First, …Read more